Frequently asked questions

1.What are social signals?

Imagine a community, where people share and discuss things they like. When we are about to make a decision, we consult our friends and other experienced people to get good advice and recommendations from all parties and arrive to the best solution. Well, the concept of recommendations has come to search engines in the form of "Social Signal". All of your Likes, Tweets, Pins & Shares are considered by search engines as votes of trust. Social Signals, as a result, act like human recommendations for your website.

2.How could Social Signals help my website?

Social Signals is the most important factor in modern SEO. Social signals can help websites improve rankings and increase organic traffic. In addition to the fact that search engines take social signals into consideration, having a presence across multiple platforms helps improve your brand image. By creating and sharing social signals across Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and multiple other networks, you increase your brand's sphere of influence. Having a good brand image will reflect on your site's SEO.

3.Why choose DripRevolution v.2?

We are highly experienced SEO Team. We provide unique service which are done 100% manually with real accounts and gives you a Diversity of social signals, which affect the SERP's and increase organic traffic. Get Started Now, Click Here!

4.Are my Social Signals created by real accounts?

Definitely. Our system is done 100% by hand by real SEO and Social Signal experts. This is not an ordinary social signals and backlinks, all our accounts are aged, share the latest news and ordinary stuff and much more (unique IPs, unique sim cards, friends/followers and so on, we are focusing on making it look 100% natural). This means that you get organic links, which affect the SERP's.

5.How reliable is your service?

We are focusing on Diversity. With the foundation of our DripRevolution, and a good diverse high PR backlinking campaign, your site will have tremendous authority and rankings in the coming weeks. Brands that have embraced DripRevolution not only enjoy the ranking benefits due to the impact of social signals, but also increased traffic, conversion rates, brand loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

6.How do I get reports?

You’ll receive detailed reports listing all of the activity on your account. You get the reports mailed to your preferred e-mail on a daily basis. Further, they are neatly compressed into a PDF file, which is great if you use Google Docs or Dropbox for your data management.

7.Is safe?

Absolutely. We do not have monthly or long-term contracts so you won’t be paying for anything you don’t want, ever.

8.Can I try DripRevolution services before I buy?

Yes! DripRevolution offers a completely FREE, fully-functional 7-day trial, that you can use to try out DripRevolution services before you buy a plan.

9.How does the 7-day FREE trial work?

You can try out any of our plans for free with all features and integrations included for 7 days. No credit card needed! Choose any of our pricing plans and simply create an account. During the trial period you will be able to use 100 social signals.

10.Can I convert my trial into a Regular plan?

Yes. If you like what you see, do nothing and your membership will be renewed automatically at our monthly rate of selected package.

11.What types of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payments through PayPal. Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, PayPal™, bank transfer, check, money order, and purchase order, all these features are coming soon.

12.Do you provide customer support?

We have a friendly, helpful support team that can assist you. We also provide a variety of support channels: a support ticket system, “Contact us” page and live chat in app during normal business hours to give you real-time support.

13.Do you have a bigger plans?

Yes, we do. For more information, please contact us.

14.Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we have an affiliate program. You can check it on, but first you should log in the system.

15.Where can I review the terms of service and privacy policy?

Here are our Terms & Conditions.

16.Have More Questions?

More information you can find in "Terms" section in your DripRevolution Dashboard or feel free to contact us.

17.What types of sites does not accept?

We DO NOT Accept websites containing Pornography, Gambling and Illegal Pharmacy content.